FASNA FLYFISHING Monofilament Tippet

FASNA FLYFISHING Monofilament Tippet
FASNA FLYFISHING Monofilament Tippet
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Spool of 100 meter.

€ 6,50
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The Fasna Monofilament is specificlly made with properties for rigs and hook lengths. The line is very strong in both linear and knot strength, enabling you to fish as light as possible. The line is also silky smooth which ensures the best natural bait presentation as possible. The Fasna Mono has low visibility so fish will not be spooked, since the line can hardly be seen underwater due to the clear color.

SIZE:X      SIZE:MM         SIZE: INCH          KG          LB            
8X 0,075 0,0030 0,68 1,50
7X 0,095 0,0037 1,10 2,43
6X 0,125 0,0049 1,52 3,35
5X 0,145 0,0057 2,00 4,41
4.5X 0,159 0,0063 2,57 5,67
4X 0,176 0,0069 3,25 7,17
3X 0,198 0,0078 4,02 8,86
2X 0,225 0,0089 5,75 12,68

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