Soldarini Euro Nymph Tapered Leader 9 M UV-Blue

Soldarini Euro Nymph Tapered Leader 9 M UV-Blue
Soldarini Euro Nymph Tapered Leader 9 M UV-Blue
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Tapered Euro Nymph Leader (0.50 mm - 0.20 mm)
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Soldarini Fly Tackle Euro Nymph Tapered Leader 30 ft uv-blue

In tight line nymphing (e.g. ‚French Nymphing‘) super long and extra-fine leaders are used. The main goal is to get a nearly direct connection to the nymph - without dragging it through the current. Even the most delicate takes can be recognized, due to special leaders with minimal stretch and because of lightweight rods with sensitive tips (#2 - #4 with a length of 10ft. - 11ft.). In contrast to a lot of other nymphing techniques, the take is no longer visual, but can actually be felt in the blank. Therefore no ordinary, swimming strike indicators are used. Instead, a ‚sighter’ is placed in-between the tapered leader and the level line tippet. This sighter helps to follow the drift and indicates if there is too much slack or too much tension in the system. When done correctly, the result is an extraordinary strike detection.

The ‚Euro Nymph Leader‘ by Soldarini Fly Tackle is developed to do this job! It’s made from a special colored monofilament (uv-blue) visible in most light conditions. It has nearly no stretch, shows high abrasion and no memory! The advantages are obvious: The smallest nymphs can be presented very precisely and it’s easier to get in touch with your nymph close to the river bottom. Much better than with ordinary leaders!

It has a total length of 30 ft. which makes it a special 'nymph only leader'. The leader is tapered down from 0.50mm to 0.20mm and it works just amazing with the Soldarini Czech Drop Indicators or the 'Curly Q' (Micro Spiral Indicator). As an alternative, you can build your own sighter using the Soldarini Two Tone Indicator Line.


  • Tapered Euro Nymph Leader (0.50 mm - 0.20 mm)
  • For nymphs and dry flies
  • Length: 30 ft. (9,14 m)
  • Colored (uv-blue)
  • No Stretch
  • No Memory

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